The Catalyze Podcast

Camila F. Márquez on Embracing Self-Care

Episode Summary

In this solo episode, Camila F. Márquez discusses the impetus behind creating The Catalyze Podcast and two key practices that can guide you in your self-care journey. Camila F. Márquez is a Life Coach who specializes in embodiment, creativity, ancestral connection, and self-love. She holds a BA from Cornell University in Human Development //Africana Studies // Latino Studies and an MA from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Gender Analysis in International Relations // Business for Social Impact. She has been involved in the changemaking sphere for over a decade working with organizations like Free The Children, PeaceJam, Love 146, Creativity for Peace, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. You can find her on Instagram at @camilafmarquez

Episode Notes

You can find Camila F. on Instagram at @camilafmarquez